7.5" Gauge Railroad

7.5" gauge (the distance between the rails) trains are like no other model trains - whereas most other model trains are operated from a distance and observed, 7.5" gauge trains are operated from the cab of the locomotive while riding the train. What could be better?! Powered by battery, gas-hydraulic, diesel-hydraulic or live steam, there's a perfect fit for every enthusiast.

Northeast Florida Live Steamers has relocated from private property near Bostwick and is currently building an expansive 7.5" gauge railroad with an initial plan to have 8,000+ feet of track. Track laying at our new site, the Florida Agricultural Museum near Palm Coast, began in September 2018.  All track was removed from the Bostwick site by May 2019.  A small loop track was completed in early 2019, and work to extend out from it is well under way. In April 2020 the larger outer loop of 933 feet was completed.  Be sure to visit the Galleries and look for our construction progress photo pages. We have suspended our regularly scheduled Saturday work days until the corona virus threat is lifted, although a small crew of dedicated members continue construction while maintaining social distance requirements.  When the all-clear signal is given, we invite everyone to come help us build this railroad empire. We look forward to seeing you at the railroad!

Work continues to finalize standards.  A full track plan is posted below and will be updated monthly.  For questions or to contact a board member, please use the Contact form.

We are a real railroad, although a bit smaller than CSX.  Safety is our primary consideration and we have strict rules that govern our operations.

FOR 10 JULY SHOW, 8 x 11, all track Rev. 2.3.4, 1 JULY 2021 (1).jpg

September 2021 Track Plan