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7.5" Gauge Railroad

The 7.5” gauge (the distance between the rails) trains are like no other model trains – whereas most other model trains are operated from a distance and observed, 7.5” gauge trains are operated from the cab of the locomotive while riding the train.  What could be better?  Powered by battery, gas-hydraulic, diesel-hydraulic, or live steam, there’s a perfect fit for every enthusiast.

The Northeast Florida Live Steamers have relocated from private property near Bostwick, Florida north of Palatka, Florida and is currently building an expansive 7.5” gauge railroad with an initial plan to have 8,000+ foot railroad in place.  Track laying at our new site, in Flagler County on the Florida Agricultural Museum property near Palm Coast, Florida began in September 2018.  A small loop track was completed in early 2019, this allowed the club to start running trains!  In early 2020 a second 933 foot loop track was completed outside the first.  We continued to build during the 2020-21 season and in late fall of 2021 the club completed the first phase of the Southwest Loop extension which grows the railroad’s total length to +3,700 feet.  The 1,700 foot Southwest Loop extension will in 2022 and beyond facilitate the construction of additional amenities on the railroad such as: a passenger platform/station, an equipment transfer table that supports the unloading of equipment (trains) on to the railroad, train storage and maintenance space, rail yards, a turn table and multiple passing sidings.  

Club members are here working from 7am-2pm on most Saturdays.  The club has periodic run days where we enjoy the fruits of our labor and run our trains over the railroad.  We invite you to come out an see what we have accomplished and if interested join us on this adventure.  To check out the calendar page for future club meetings and run dates, click: Events.  We look forward seeing you at the railroad!

A track plan is posted below and will be updated periodically as progress is made on the railroad.   For questions or to contact a board member, please use the contact form by clicking: Contact.  

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