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Our Trains

Our club operates two railroads:  the 7.5 inch gauge railroad and

                                                     the G Gauge railroad. 


Some locomotives are "store bought" and some are built by our members. Most of the locomotives are owned by individual club members.  The club owns several 7.5 inch gauge passenger cars, gondolas, flat cars, a conductor's car, and and two electric engines donated by member Frank Woodard's estate (2023).  All of the extensive inventory of G Gauge locomotives and rolling stock are owned by members. 

Stephie's diesel electric switcher.

Al's speeder.

Harry and Scott built this battery-powered steam look-alike.  Eventually to be a matched pair.

Scott's three truck Shay live steam locomotive.  Hopefully to be completed in 2020.

Charles' very large diesel electric on the left and Mikie's equally large diesel electric on the right

Dave's live steam British locomotive built by his father.

Harry is building a live steam 2-6-0 locomotive.  The tender was completed in October 2016.

Frank's speeder. (photo later)

Steve's locomotive. (photo later)

Scott's three-truck Shay boiler.  Freshly rolled copper flues in front tube sheet.

Scott's three-truck Shay boiler.  Rolling flues in firebox tubesheet.

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