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The Beehive Line

The Beehive Line project is an extension of mainline track that will provide a second connection between the Southwest Loop and the original part of the railroad.  This section of track will add an additional 850 feet of mainline track extending the existing track from the double track crossover located near the pond to the Beehive Junction on the I-95 Loop.  This track will also have a passing siding, and two additional switches that will become future connection points with the Swamp Line and Needham Cutoff (not shown on current diagram) that will connect to the small yard located off the Ridge Line.

Other amenities found on this new line include; the railroad’s first tunnel, a third road crossing and several drainage features that will help past surface water under the track.  Once completed this line will allow for continuous one way running around the entire perimeter of the railroad.  The construction of this line is planned for 2022.    

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